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Graduate School – University of Oregon

ESS worked hand-in-hand with graduate school staff at the University of Oregon to create and maintain a product called GradWeb over a period of more than ten years.

The result is a fully customizable web-based software designed, built, tested and improved to meet the specific needs of graduate education and administration. GradWeb automates graduate school processes and provides for electronic interaction between the graduate school, departments, students, faculty, admissions and the registrar.

GradWeb handles everything from graduate admissions to the awarding of degrees when a student is ready to graduate from the university.

In the world of technology, you rarely hear from people when everything is functioning well. We were pleasantly surprised to receive the following post card from Petra Hagen at the University of Oregon School of Journalism during the 2013 admission cycle.

Testimonial from Petra Hagen

Testimonial from Petra Hagen